Image File Types White Label Templates


This template package is a white label Divi web page layout + eBook based off of my Image File Types Explained eBook that’s crafted and catered for YOUR web design business and YOUR clients.



Do you have a web design business and find yourself explaining to clients over and over the difference between file types like JPG, PNG, PDF, etc, what vector files are, how and why they should optimize images before uploading to a website, etc? Then this white label template package, based off my Image File Types Explained eBook is for you!

Included is the following:

  • eBook Files – Adobe InDesign file + fonts and cover design
  • Divi Page Layout – json file easily imported and ready to go
  • eBook Text – eBook and webpage verbiage saved in plain text format for use on other text programs
  • Images – final images and graphics for use on your webpage or eBook
  • Working Graphics –  Adobe Illustrator images and graphic art files

You can either use the page or ebook as is or customize it with your brand, colors, etc. All resources are provided for you in this package. Just want the webpage layout but not the ebook? No problem! Just use that or just use the ebook if you don’t use Divi.

Be sure to watch the installation tutorial.

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Illustrator or InDesign but want to customize the graphics and ebook with your branding, I recommend my graphic design colleague Robson at He’s willing to help customize your graphics and eBook and is very talented, timely and affordable.


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