Josh’s cPanel Course

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Learn the most important aspects of cPanel, the most important thing you didn’t know you need to know when designing websites!

Learn cPanel quick…the most important, underrated tool you didn’t know you need to know when building websites.


Learn the basic, most important aspects of your hosting control panel


Get an invaluable understanding of WordPress files and structure


Learn about the most important email, domain and SSL settings


Don't rely on 3rd party tools or plugins when moving sites


Feel comfortable in transferring hosting, email and websites for clients


Save $$$ by not having to purchase tools and other cloning plugins

Who should take this course?

It’s for beginners and experienced web designers alike. Perfect if:

You don't know anything about cPanel, domain settings, emails settings, etc.

You know a little about databases, email, domains, etc...but still get a little nervous when transferring sites and client hosting.

You're comfortable with cPanel but are ready to take your "web nerd side" to the next level.

Course Overview

13 videos walking you through the most important aspects of cPanel!

Total course time: 2hrs 38m (of video) accompanied by written posts.

Module 1 – Introduction

  • WHY it’s important to know & HOW it’ll help you in your web design journey (07:49)
  • Overview and walk-thru of cPanel (08:37)

Module 2 – Domains

  • Add-ons, Subdomains, Redirects & Forwarding (09:15)
  • DNS & Records (13:10)
  • SSL & Security (11:02)

Module 3 – Files

  • File Structure Basics (12:46)
  • WordPress File Structure (19:03)
  • FTP Setup and Accounts (16:14)

Module 4 – Databases

  • WordPress Database Basics (12:19)
  • phpMyAdmin & MySQL (17:24)

Module 5 – Email

  • Overview of Email: MX Records, IMAP vs POP (20:54)
  • Setting Up, Accessing & Managing Email (08:30)

You're fully supported through the Student Center!

When you join this course (or any of my courses) you'll also get access to the Student Center where you'll get support from Josh and other students in the course as you make your way through.

The student center also includes:

✔️ A dedicated support forum for this course
✔️ Access to live monthly Q&A's with Josh
✔️ An introduction thread to meet other students


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
Do I have lifetime access to the course?
You have full access to the course for as long as it’s up! (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing.
Will the course be added on to?

I will add additional videos and posts to the course if any changes happen with cPanel or if I find that more important information needs to be added.

Are there tests or quizzes?

Heck no. No quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school ?

What format is the course in?

Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts. Vimeo does not support automatic captions or subtitles so those are not available which is one reason I accompany each video with written posts that cover what’s in the videos. Disclaimer: any teaser videos of the course footage on YouTube may display captions but that’s YouTube specific, again no captions or subtitles are available on the course videos currently.

Will the course ever close or expire?
It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised/updated. In short, it will be up and updated for a very, very long time 😉


28 reviews for Josh’s cPanel Course

  1. J.L. Gore

    As someone who is new to this stuff, I definitely recommend Josh’s cPanel course as I learned some valuable information that I know will be beneficial to me moving forward. This course is definitely something I will continue to use as a reference and I am sure that it will save me some hassle in the future!

  2. Ben Mozzer

    This course was beneficial to me for a reminder of how to use the various cPanel features. While I’m familiar with cPanel, I definitely increased my knowledge of using it in relation to WordPress.

    I was going to use a managed WordPress hosting solution and switched to cPanel hosting as it will be easier to migrate websites and you generally have more control of the back end of the site. Thanks to Josh hall for furthering my understanding of cPanel!

  3. Robert Chaplin

    I am new to web design and would not consider myself a tech heavy person and Josh’s course really helped me get a good understanding of how cPanel functions. My confidence in this subject went from -1 to 10 after completing the course. Would recommend the course even if you are new to web design, Josh makes it easy to understand.

  4. Allison Mosher

    I’ve been a web designer for years now but I had gaps in my CPanel knowledge, especially around the different domain configurations and email setup (always a nightmare!). Josh’s course lays it out clearly and neatly – I was able to skip to the sections I knew would be helpful, and speed up the video to 1.5x to quickly reach the parts I wanted to cover.

    I especially appreciated Josh’s candid stories about times he’s made mistakes on client websites – nice to know we’ve all been there, done that at one stage! 🙂

    Definitely recommended for anyone looking to fill in knowledge after self-learning CPanel.

  5. wfd823

    Awesome as usual! Josh has a way of teaching all the important topics without wasting time with unneeded fluff. Clear and concise! Thanks again.

  6. Anne Stobart

    I am not a web designer but have created my own websites – I am into growing trees rather than websites. However, by the third site everything was getting rather confusing and I could not figure out what could be deleted or simplified when changing to a new domain. Thanks to this course on C-panel and some other tutorials put out by Josh I have really cleaned up the files I do want and feel more confident about keeping on top of security and other important aspects of the site.

  7. Robyn Fehrenbacher

    New web designer here! This cPanel course was the first one I purchased from Josh. After progressing most of the way through it, I decided ok, this is the guy I want to learn web design from! So I paused in the course, purchased the bundle, completed the Divi/Beginner Course then came back and finished this course. It is very helpful knowledge to have in your back pocket as a web designer. I took lots of notes with timer markers for his videos because I know I will be referring back to things as needed. Thanks Josh! On to the next one!

  8. Kenneth Brayton

    Like Josh, I learned about cPanel through the school of hard knocks so this course was a review of what I already knew. That said, if you are new to hosting and WordPress, this course is very worthwhile. Josh points out the most relevant aspects of managing your host and WordPress installation giving you greater confidence and insight into how the pieces fit together. No muss, no fluff, just spot-on advice and recommendations for getting the most out of cPanel.

  9. Nicola Tweed

    I’ve just finished up the cPanel course and I am so glad that the DNS and Name Server stuff is making more sense now. I’ve struggled with it for so long!!!!

  10. mooredesigndan

    This cpanel course is amazing! Again, no fluff, and Josh explains everything super well.

  11. Dean Rodriguez

    As a beginner, cPanel seemed very intimidating! But after taking Josh’s cPanel course, I feel a lot more confident in handling this side of web design and maintenance. While cPanel in itself seems boring, I’ve heard enough horror stories to not ignore learning it.

    Josh expertly guides you through everything you need to know. He breaks it down in a very understandable manner and keeps you engaged in the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who designs or owns a website. It will save you from a lot of wasted time and nasty headaches.

  12. Marcos Silva

    Josh’s courses are always easy to understand. In this course, he explains everything I needed to know to feel more confident when opening the CPanel. I can’t wait to learn his CSS course, which makes me fear every time I hear about it. I’m so glad I found Josh on Spotify one day. WordPress skill is a must today.

  13. Thaddeus Rexilius

    CPanel course was the one thing that I felt like I needed in my “tool belt” for web design. I wanted a simplified overview and understanding of it and Josh helped exactly with that. I feel much further a long in my journey and I’m confident I know what I need to know regarding the basics of Cpanel now.

  14. Shannon Morris

    CPanel is really not a fun topic to learn about but Josh stays upbeat and enthusiastically guides you through what you need to know in this course. It really is crucial to understand this stuff if you are a professional web designer and Josh’s course is perfect to learn it. I’m glad I took the course and recommend it!

  15. Drew Baldridge

    Josh’s cPanel Course is like a reference library for the serious WordPress oficionado. The WordPress migration information is something I will be referring back to often. In fact, there is so much relevant technical information packed into this course, I have no doubt this will be a very important resource tool for me in the future. Taught with the same practical style as his other course videos, it’s a course you will not want to miss whether you are a beginner or experienced user. If you really want to grasp the importance of this critical component of website design, this course was designed for you.

  16. juliezommers

    Josh explains the C panel step by step. It’s extremely easy to follow, his instructions are great. It’s like having a nerdy kid brother explaining everything to me in layman’s terms. Highly recommended.

  17. Maria Giovanna

    Cpanel has definitely been one of the most intimidating parts of my web design journey which is why I decided to purchase this course.

    I was looking for clarity and basic foundations that would allow me to work confidently with clients. I found this and more in Josh’s course.

    The structure of the course makes everything easy to follow and digest and Josh has a unique way of explaining technical things to make them understandable even for newbies.

    I definitely recommend web designers out there looking to understand how to manage Cpanel to check this course out.

  18. Ellen Kotze

    Something that I used to fear and avoid for fear of breaking the website has gone! I now feel confident enough to help with those bigger problems myself. Thank you 🙂

  19. albury00

    Today’s web designers are being asked by clients to know much more than front end design. They’re being asked to “fix” things that require you to know how to navigate their cPanel – with or without tech support. Josh’s cPanel course is easy to follow as he teaches you what you absolutely need to know to get started. You will come out of this course with real-world knowledge of the different sections of cPanel and a greater understanding of how to navigate them and work in them. Not to mention the boost to your self-confidence and increased value to your clients!

  20. Sherri Winslow

    Josh recommended taking the cPanel course first. If there had been a course like this when I started learning about Web Design and Development, I would be years ahead. My fear is gone and I am excited to run full-speed. I had tried setting up websites and the cPanel, Email, Databases, etc seemed overwhelming. I love technical stuff; but, it was hard finding the time and I was nervous about getting started. Josh makes everything simple and non-threatening. I am ready to plunge headfirst into the rest of Josh Hall’s courses, starting with Divi. I have bought several courses and though the others are going to be helpful and are full of information; Josh’s courses are the one’s I need first.

  21. thomas wright

    I had been ‘messing around’ making minor changes, here and there, in my own websites Cpanel, with some trepidation. But having taken Josh’s course I feel super confident now that I can make Cpanel changes with some confidence. Josh, thank you, your Cpanel course was just what I needed at my stage of development, but, moreover, before I make any major disastrous mistakes in my own Cpanel…

  22. Rob Stephens

    Some of the biggest nightmares I’ve experienced in web design have been with client sites breaking when putting them live or email issues when migrating their hosting, so to have a solid knowledge of cPanel will not only save you time and money, it will prevent you from experiencing the mad panic when something goes wrong. Josh explains everything in a clear and concise way in his course which you can always refer back to in future. Highly recommended!

  23. James Fortune

    My Goodness me! What a complex subject. As far as I know, no-one has a course like this yet if you are doing your own hosting, it is vital that you know this stuff.

    Take it slowly and you will become an expert.

    I’ve checked out most of the other tutors in the DIVI world and, for me, Josh is the most informative and thorough plus his positive, bouncy and charming style really helps.

    Highly recommended!

  24. Keeshaun Derima

    Although this is a boring topic, the information included is very helpful! The best part is being able to come back and revise certain lessons too get a clear understanding.

  25. tanopri21

    Josh’s cPanel was fantastic and a Very Knowledgable and informative course. It has taken me from a total newbie afraid of breaking something, to a guy who can perform some of the basic tasks needed to navigate in cPanel. One of the biggest nugget is less reliance on tech support . In some cases, you don’t always get a person that knows what they’re doing. I now have a better gage as to how they respond to my problems. I still have more testing to do, but this course has given me a huge burst of confidence.

    Thanks, Josh

  26. Derrick

    I have slowly been moving through Josh’s courses. I was hitting some snags in my web development because I was confused by Cpanel. Cpanel was intimidating so my thought process was just to stay away from it as much as possible and only change what is necessary. After taking this course I feel much more confident in moving around Cpanel. For me personally, I benefitted the most from learning about the file structuring, SSL and security options, and the FTP setup. I have only been working on my own site. But the more I learn from Josh the more confident I feel in doing paid work for others.

  27. sueschneider10

    So glad I took Josh’s cPanel course. The topics were clearly delivered and easy to understand. I appreciated the real-world scenarios and applications. Navigating my own host’s cPanel was much less intimidating once I had some the information learned from this course under my belt. It was completely worth the time and the money to take the course. Thank you Josh!

  28. kevin4

    Josh’s cPanel course was awesome and very helpful, i just moved my hosting to a host that used cPanel and i had no idea how to navigate it. now i have a good idea of what to use and when to use it. great class and totally worth the cost.

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