Josh’s cPanel Course

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Learn the most important aspects of cPanel, the most important thing you didn't know you need to know when designing websites!

Learn cPanel quick…the most important, underrated tool you didn’t know you need to know when building websites.


Learn the basic, most important aspects of your hosting control panel


Get an invaluable understanding of WordPress files and structure


Learn about the most important email, domain and SSL settings


Don't rely on 3rd party tools or plugins when moving sites


Feel comfortable in transferring hosting, email and websites for clients


Save $$$ by not having to purchase tools and other cloning plugins

Who should take this course?

It’s for beginners and experienced web designers alike. Perfect if:

You don't know anything about cPanel, domain settings, emails settings, etc.

You know a little about databases, email, domains, etc...but still get a little nervous when transferring sites and client hosting.

You're comfortable with cPanel but are ready to take your "web nerd side" to the next level.

Course Overview

13 videos walking you through the most important aspects of cPanel!

Total course time: 2hrs 38m (of video) accompanied by written posts.

Module 1 – Introduction

  • WHY it’s important to know & HOW it’ll help you in your web design journey
  • Overview and walk-thru of cPanel
Module 2 – Domains

  • Add-ons, Subdomains, Redirects & Forwarding
  • DNS & Records
  • SSL & Security

Module 3 – Files

  • File Structure Basics
  • WordPress File Structure
  • FTP

Module 4 – Databases

  • WordPress Database Basics
  • phpMyAdmin & MySQL

Module 5 – Email

  • Overview of Email (MX Records, IMAP vs POP)
  • Setting Up, Accessing & Managing Email


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
Do I have lifetime access to the course?
You have full access to the course for as long as it’s up! (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing.
Will the course be added on to?

I will add additional videos and posts to the course if any changes happen with cPanel or if I find that more important information needs to be added.

Are there tests or quizzes?

Heck no. No quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school ?

What format is the course in?

Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts. Vimeo does not support automatic captions or subtitles so those are not available which is one reason I accompany each video with written posts that cover what’s in the videos. Disclaimer: any teaser videos of the course footage on YouTube may display captions but that’s YouTube specific, again no captions or subtitles are available on the course videos currently.

Will the course ever close or expire?
It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised/updated. In short, it will be up and updated for a very, very long time 😉


3 reviews for Josh’s cPanel Course

  1. Derrick


    I have slowly been moving through Josh’s courses. I was hitting some snags in my web development because I was confused by Cpanel. Cpanel was intimidating so my thought process was just to stay away from it as much as possible and only change what is necessary. After taking this course I feel much more confident in moving around Cpanel. For me personally, I benefitted the most from learning about the file structuring, SSL and security options, and the FTP setup. I have only been working on my own site. But the more I learn from Josh the more confident I feel in doing paid work for others.

  2. Avatar


    So glad I took Josh’s cPanel course. The topics were clearly delivered and easy to understand. I appreciated the real-world scenarios and applications. Navigating my own host’s cPanel was much less intimidating once I had some the information learned from this course under my belt. It was completely worth the time and the money to take the course. Thank you Josh!

  3. Avatar


    Josh’s cPanel course was awesome and very helpful, i just moved my hosting to a host that used cPanel and i had no idea how to navigate it. now i have a good idea of what to use and when to use it. great class and totally worth the cost.

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