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If you’re wanting a way to spice up your team or staff page for your Divi website, the Divi Jump To Bio Team Page Layout might be just for you! This is a proven team page layout that my clients love. It gives you the ability to quickly show off your team but the option to click to view more about each team member. Each profile comes with a “meet” button that jumps down to their bio hench the title “Jump To Bio Team Page!”

And the cool thing is, this is not a plugin and since it’s CSS based, it’s compatible with every version of Divi and will be moving forward without needing to update. If you’re advanced at CSS, feel free to go wild and make any CSS changes or additions you’d like!

What’s included:

  • The Divi Library json file
  • CSS File

A few things to note:

  • A basic knowledge of CSS is recommended
  • You’ll use CSS to change the colors and adjust the settings
  • Recommended team image size: 500px x 500px
  • Please reference the installation and tutorial video before you dive in!

Aside from the demo, you can see some examples of how I used this here:

For any questions or feedback, contact me and I’ll get back to you! Oh and I’d love to see how you implemented this into your site(s) ?

Installation & Walk-thru Tutorial


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