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Bundle includes all current 9 web design courses!

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Hear from Real Students:

Here are some recent testimonials from students in various courses.

"I’m a toddler in the web design/development arena and it’s been awesome to learn how those that are established in the industry do things and what tools they use. It is a godsend! Thank you Josh for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

Sharon M.

"Josh has a really down to earth and personable way of explaining concepts in a way that more formal college courses and books fail to do. I was able to IMMEDIATELY put this stuff to work and further my value to my clients and to my own business."

Steven L.

“My maintenance plan was at $400/mo before going through Josh's Maintenance Plan Course. 3 months after completing it and applying strategies shown, I’m now at $2,300/mo in recurring income for me and my family!”

Eric D.

“Josh's courses are exactly what I have come to expect from Josh – and more. Great content, patient and thorough approach – and no stone is left unturned. Josh will instruct you on everything you’d want to know and also will go over topics you never even thought of.

Mike H.

“I have honestly learned more from Josh’s courses than I did in college as a web design major.”

Zach T.

"Josh lifts the lid on how he was able to grow a six-figure business working from home and with virtual assistants, without going down the traditional agency route, which is simply incredible!

His tutorials are fun to watch and he covers all the topics you’d want to learn more about, such as pricing, getting new clients, maintaining clients etc. I couldn’t recommend his business course highly enough!

Rob S.

"Josh's courses are so enjoyable because he explains the information as it relates to what works, and what doesn’t work. I particularly like the way Josh explains the information, he is right at the beginner level with you, he was once there."

Joan M.

"The info in Josh's courses would have taken me YEARS to gather on my own. It has also given me the most important thing I need to get started working with clients – confidence. Josh is a natural at teaching – he explains everything in an easy to understand way, and makes learning enjoyable. "

Patty S.

"I decided to buy Josh's CSS Course even if English is not my first language but Josh explains everything in a super easy way, as always; You have a written guide in addition to the videos and not only focus on the code but also on the tools you may need. I think Josh's course is the best investment i made this year!"

Belen C.