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"I invested in Josh’s course bundle because I specifically wanted a teacher that’s experienced in running an active, successful web design business. While there are other Divi intro classes available, Josh’s Divi Beginners Course adds tips and tricks on how to design better for clients that others lack. Josh shows you everything you need to get started without having to wade through hundreds of hours of tutorials. If you have a question, he is quick to respond and obviously cares about your success. I highly recommend this class."

Bill H.

"Josh has a really down to earth and personable way of explaining concepts in a way that more formal college courses and books fail to do. I was able to IMMEDIATELY put this stuff to work and further my value to my clients and to my own business."

Steven L.

"I decided to buy Josh's CSS Course even if English is not my first language but Josh explains everything in a super easy way, as always; You have a written guide in addition to the videos and not only focus on the code but also on the tools you may need. I think Josh's course is the best investment i made this year!"

Belen C.

“Josh's courses are exactly what I have come to expect from Josh – and more. Great content, patient and thorough approach – and no stone is left unturned. Josh will instruct you on everything you’d want to know and also will go over topics you never even thought of.

Mike H.

“I have honestly learned more from Josh’s courses than I did in college as a web design major.”

Zach T.

"Josh lifts the lid on how he was able to grow a six-figure business working from home and with virtual assistants, without going down the traditional agency route, which is simply incredible!

His tutorials are fun to watch and he covers all the topics you’d want to learn more about, such as pricing, getting new clients, maintaining clients etc. I couldn’t recommend his business course highly enough!

Rob S.

"I’m a toddler in the web design/development arena and it’s been awesome to learn how those that are established in the industry do things and what tools they use. It is a godsend! Thank you Josh for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

Sharon M.

"The info in Josh's courses would have taken me YEARS to gather on my own. It has also given me the most important thing I need to get started working with clients – confidence. Josh is a natural at teaching – he explains everything in an easy to understand way, and makes learning enjoyable. "

Patty S.

"Josh's SEO Course is very organized, well thought out, and engaging. It was nice to learn that SEO isn’t that scary beast I thought it was, but is easily achievable with a little time and thought. Great course! I’ll be signing up for more!!"
Patty S.

Official Student Reviews

3 reviews for Web Design Course Bundle

  1. Avatar

    Chris Salvaggio

    All you need is THIS COURSE BUNDLE and the drive to want to build a web design business.

    Here is a basic idea of what you’ll get out of this bundle.

    You will know how to use the best tools in the business right out of the gate.

    You’ll then learn the fundamentals of design so you can bring the tools and your ideas to reality.

    You’ll then get an A to Z process, including how to get your first client and ending with how to deliver a perfectly professional, competitive product you and your clients will love.

    You’ll learn all the CSS you need to know to be efficient and knowledgable. You’ll have a smart enough base to be able to figure out the rest on your own.

    Anything you can’t figure out, you will be able to EASILY get the answers for utilizing one of the warmest, most helpful private Facebook communities for web developers available.

    Along with now being proficient and confident in your product, you’ll learn exactly how to organize, developed, and scale your business utilizing successful email copy, form templates, software to use, how to use it, and more. 😅

    You’ll gain C-Panel knowledge and understand how to work on the server-side of web development.

    And by the time you land your first client, which for me was with in the first month, you will already have a plan in place to be able to create a subscription-based recurring income for every single website build.

    And there is so much more you deserve to learn. Grow with like-minded people, and the sky is the limit.

    Do or do not; there is no try.

  2. Amber McKeague

    Amber McKeague

    Huge shout out to Josh!

    After taking his Website Design Course in March, I was inspired and wanted more. I took the plunge, bought Josh’s Course Bundle and couldn’t be more grateful. Lessons are prerecorded videos, I can move at my own pace and refer back to the videos or transcripts whenever I need to.

    Josh is well-spoken and makes everything simple and clear. He shows how to get clients and many tools for business. He gives lots of scripts for communicating with clients and templates for contracts, proposals and even an entire website.

    Five months later, I’ve finished 6 websites, including a WooCommerce site. I have 4 more sites in the works, recurring income and did it quickly because of his guidance. Thank you, Josh!

    PS. I also love your podcast. It’s so relevant and informative.

  3. Shannon Morris

    Shannon Morris

    I bought Josh’s course bundle and have been through all the course at this point. I am someone who was coming from an entirely different career. I had done some learning through free resources but I knew that if I wanted to get serious about a career in web design I needed a proven path. Josh’s courses have been that for me.

    It can be nerve wracking buying courses online because there are so many people out there selling fluff. But every course in the bundle offered so much value. Josh doesn’t give you vague instructions about what you should do, whether it’s in the business or CSS course. He shows you examples, gives you templates and checklists that he used in his own business and had success with, and has you building sites with him as you go. He’s also very active in the private Facebook groups answering questions and supporting you.

    I’m so glad I found these courses. While it’s still tons of work launching a business and a lot of learning to absorb, I saved a lot of time learning from someone who’s already spent years learning and revising his methods. So thank you Josh, and for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of having a web design business, I highly recommend Josh’s course bundle!

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