Recommended stuff

Here are some of the tools, software and other resources I use, trust and recommend.

*** Important note ***

While the companies and products below are affiliate links, they are not sponsors and they do not pay to be on this page. I don’t take paid endorsements. Ain’t my style. The tools and companies listed below are one’s that myself and/or my agency uses and trusts.

There are also a lot of other great options for tools in the Divi, WordPress and wider Web Design market that may suite you, your budget and your needs. These are just the ones in my toolbox 🙂

– Josh

The Divi Theme® by Elegant Themes is the trusted WordPress I’ve used exclusively since 2014. It powers my site, my agency clients’ websites and is what many of my tutorials are on. Use my promo link and get 20% OFF Divi!

SiteGround is the web hosting company I use for my hosting and trust for my client sites. They’re affordable, reliable, have top-notch support and have been the foundation of me and my client sites since 2015.

17hats is what I use for managing clients and creating and sending proposals, invoices, contracts, collecting payments and more. They’ve been the key tool which helped me organize my systems and processes which I’ve used since 2016.

Divi Life is a collection of Divi Plugins, Divi Child Themes and other great Divi resources. They’re the creators of some of my personal favorite plugins like Divi Overlays, Divi Bars, Divi Welcome Home and more.

Divi Space is the leading in premium Divi Plugins, Divi Child Themes and other add-ons. They also have a value-packed blog and other resources that will help you in your Divi web design journey. They also have Divi specific hosting coming soon…

Divi Lover features a growing collection of beautiful, premium Divi Child Themes, Divi Plugins and newly added courses. They’re the creators of the super handy, all in one customization plugin Divi Toolbox and also has several handy free layouts.

Superfly is a Divi Child Theme and Plugin creator which products I’ve used since the early days of Divi. Their team and support is also second to none. Highly recommend them for premium child themes, plugins and stellar Divi add-ons.

B3Multimedia is a Divi Child Theme and Plugin creator who created super slick, modern child themes and has created some of the top Divi plugins in the market. They also have a great, reliable team and top notch support.

Divi Pixel is an all in one customization add-on for Divi which features an amazing set of plugins and extensions to help take your Divi designs to a whole other level without having to code. The devs behind this are second to none.

Content Snare is top recommended way to effectively, efficiently and successfully collect content from clients. For big projects where you’re collecting content, images, media files and more, having a tool to assist is key and this one is GOLD.

WPSimplePay is my trusted WordPress plugin for collecting credit card payments. It integrates with Stripe and allows you to create one time or subscription based purchase buttons and checkouts. I feature this in my Maintenance Plan Course.

Termageddon is my trusted tool for creating auto-updating privacy policies. I use this to keep my site compliant and protected and my agency uses this for all our client websites which we offer as an up-sell.

LearnDash is what I use for my courses. They’ve been my trusted LMS since 2017. If you’re interested in building courses or are working on course websites for your clients, I highly recommend then. Pro tip: Go with the “Plus Package.” 🙂

PowerUpPodcasting® is the course I took to help me plan, build and launch my podcast. I’m a big proponent of this course because, while an investment, it helped me launch my podcast with a bang and has helped me sustain it moving forward.

WPGears, from my colleagues Tim Strifler of Divi Life and David Blackmon of Divi Space offers courses for Divi, specifically the Divi Business Expert Course. They also have a podcast called WPThePodcast I recommend tuning into!