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This is a 1-Hour, On-Demand (and completely FREE) Online Video Training that will give you a proven guide to follow to take your biz to 6-figures (100k+) per year)

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Includes a 1-hour video training, links and additional resources.

Everything you’ll learn in this training is exactly what I did to go from $25,000 in 2012 to $250,000+ in 2018 all while still at the solopreneur level.

These are also the proven strategies I used to continue to scale my business at 6-figures consistently while eventually growing a small, remote team of contractors.

In this training, we’ll cover:

✅ The Secret for Scaling Successfully
✅ A few WHAT NOT to do’s
✅ A Practical Breakdown of 100k/yr (so you can see it really is achievable)
✅ Your New Monthly Target
✅ Top 5 Strategies to Get to 6-Figures

I know the thought of hitting 6-figures can be overwhelming, especially if you’re early in the journey but we’ll break it down month by month, week by week and day by day so you can see how practical and truly achievable it is!

And the REALLY exciting part is that these strategies will work for you if you want to remain a solopreneur OR if you’re ready to scale a small, remote team! No need to feel you have to scale to a big agency with overhead, payroll, etc.

Also included is:

  • All slides (PDF)
  • 5 Strategies (PDF) with Call-to-Action Checkboxes
  • “Josh’s Client Roadmap Checklist” – my proven start-to-finish, client experience SOP that I used in my business to keep projects on track.

By the end of this training, you’re going to feel empowered, inspired and you’ll have a proven path to follow to help take your biz to 6-figures and beyond!

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to guide you every step of the way!

– Josh

Meet Your Guide

Hey! I'm Josh.

Web design coach and web agency founder based in Columbus Ohio. I love helping people learn how to design websites with WordPress & Divi and build their own web design businesses to experience the freedoms that I’ve been fortunate to have as a professional web designer and business owner.

Professionally – I’m a Web Design Coach, Course Creator, Podcast Host, YouTuber, Blogger and Web Agency Founder.

Personally – I’m a husband, father x3), family man, drummer in a past life, player and watcher of tennis, big time Blue Jackets Hockey fan and aspiring lawn weenie.

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