The Team

Meet the awesome folks who help run and Web Designer Pro™

Jennifer Alford

Lead VA

Collaborates: frequently

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Nathan Schoener

Audio/Video Editor

Collaborates: frequently

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Kevin Palmer

Social Media Manager

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Kris Tormes

Tech VA

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Christian van ‘t Hof

Lead Developer

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Michelle Bourbonniere

Copywriting & SEO

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Daisy Lou & Lilly Bell Hall

Customer Experience

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Jennifer Alford

Virtual Assistant

Jen is my right hand as lead virtual assistant. She was a student and member of Web Designer Pro™ before she replaced Kam (my VA of 3.5 years) and did so in a seamless transition thanks to knowing her personally! Kam and Jen both met inside Pro and found out they lived local to each other. After a year of close friendship, when Kam decided to step down from her VA role, she helped prepare Jen to take over which made it an easy transition into the role of lead VA for and Web Designer Pro™.

She handles most of the tasks for the distribution of the Web Design Business Podcast including preparing podcast graphics, creating the show notes and transcriptions at and formatting all podcast related emails, and podcast YouTube videos.

She also helps run much of the administrative work for Web Designer Pro with email reminders, event work and live training details and transcriptions and she’s doing more and more onsite at, SOP and systems work along with helping manage the ever-increasing inbound of communication, emails and DM’s that are coming in as my brand grows as a leader in web design grows.

Check out her web design/strategy website at

Nathan Schoener

Video/Audio Editor

Nathan is the magician audio and video editor behind the Web Design Business Podcast. He joined the team back in 2021 and has edited every single podcast episode since #101. We actually had a prior relationship as we both live locally in Columbus Ohio and he took over the video editing business Crossing River Studios which was previously owned by one of my main referral partners! So it was an easy transition bringing him in as lead editor since I knew his capabilities.

Nathan has many tricks up his sleeves for audio engineering, video editing and is one of the most reliable editing creatives I know. And those are hard to find! Our process for podcast post production has actually gone so smooth that Nathan made an entire wing of this business dedicated to turnkey podcasting services.

Check out his video production website out at

Kevin Palmer

Social Media Manager

Kevin is a founding member of Web Designer Pro™ which is where I got to know him and help him with the web design portion of his business. As a social media manager and digital marketer, Kevin started offering basic web design services and when it came to me looking for some help with the social media end of my business, he was an easy choice to work with.

Kevin is, most importantly, a voice of reason and calm presence in a fast-paced, often high stress and ever-evolving world like social media. I’ve found most social media agencies and consultants to fit into the hustle and grind bro-prenuer culture which couldn’t be further from the personality type that I jive with. But Kevin’s approach is calming, easy-going and super supportive.

I’m not surprised that since taking his business NVM marketing full time in 2022 that it has grown immensely and now with his focus on digital marketing services, he’s actually scaling the business and taking on the role of lead creative director and client relationship manager. Which is great news because I always love my talks with Kevin!

His superpowers are consistency, communication, in depth reporting and a breadth of knowledge on what’s working across all social media platforms with his experience with clients across many industries. He’s too busy to work on his site but eventually, I’ll get him to launch a simple one-pager at

Kris Tormes

Tech VA

Kris was originally a student in my Web Design Business Course when she was building up her freelance web design business alongside her tech VA services. USD pricing is very expensive compared to her native currency in the Philippines so when she joined, I knew she was serious,

And what I realized with Kris is that, not only is she highly skilled as a VA but she’s also seriously savvy with tech and WordPress. Kris has done many invaluable sprints of work for and Web Designer Pro™ including transferring all 10 courses from to Pro when Circle released their “courses” feature. She’s assisted with mini projects like creating course certifications, working on user profiles, page creation and updates at, updating Divi templates and more.

What most business owners and entrepreneurs need is a VA who’s also savvy with tech and website work and Kris excels in all those areas. And to top it off, she’s one of the most competent and communicative people I’ve ever worked with. I always get excited when I have a project to collaborate on with Kris 🙂

Check her web design and tech VA services out at

Christian Van’t Hof

Lead Web Developer

Christian was a student of mine initially in my web design business course to help with building up his freelance whitelabel business. I saw him become one of the most helpful, active students in my course groups and in my Divi Facebook Group which led me to keep an eye on him more closely as his business grew.

Christian is from the Netherlands but lives with his wife in Brazil so his ideal clients are not local to him but luckily in the amazing online world of web design, he was able to make connections in my course support groups and other web design Facebook groups and has made a big name for himself by white labeling with many of my established, western based agency owners who are in Web Designer Pro™ and other web design client agencies. We actually did a podcast together sharing his strategies for becoming a white-label web designer.

I debated not putting Christian on my team page because I don’t want him to get too busy but I can honestly say he is a unicorn diamond developer who has yet to be stumped on a custom solution for development, primarily on WordPress but can work on virtually any platform. His communication is second to none and he also has a great eye for design which makes him a magic man of development. If you’ve wondered how I created my recommended tools page, my story timeline page or the fancy eCommerce work on my ProSwag shop…I didn’t…Christian did.

He’s too busy to worry about his own site at the moment but for now, you can connect with him via his LinkedIn.

Michelle Bourbonniere

Website Copy & SEO

When I sold my web design agency to my rock star student Eric Dingler, he already have a network of partners in place. One of them was Michelle who was working with the team on SEO audits, keyword research packages and website copy. These were all areas that I needed help with for as well. I’ve hapazardly crept my way up Google for WordPress and Divi content, web business content and now more online community content but it’s Michelle’s expert advice and sound, scientific approach to creating the needle-moving content that has helped elevate my brand and attract the right customers.

Michelle was a founding member of my community Web Designer Pro™ where I helped coach her on creating packages out of her amazing al la cart SEO services. Then we discovered her untapped potentional in website copywriting and messaging. I can’t overstate how valueable her copywriting tips have been in helping me convert more web designers into my courses and community.

She has done SEO research and copy boosting for me on my Pro sales page, many of my top blog posts, newsletters and other course pages which have been key in both growing my business and getting more clear on who I serve and the results I help web designers get. Her brand Words on the Rise says it all. She helps business owners, entrepreneurs and has partnerned up with more Web Designer Pros than I can count on the strategy of their words (SEO) and the conversion of their words (COPY). She has helped me craft the right words on my website that raise both my SEO rankings and my revenue.

Check Michelle out (and sign up for her newsletter ASAP) at

Daisy Lou and Lilly Hall

Customer Experience Managers

Daisy Lou (right) and Lilly Bell (left) Hall handle customer relationships and experience…when awake.

They’re in my office virtually every minute I am, making sure I continue to provide a customer welcome experience similar to that of a Golden Retriever welcoming a visitor into our home. They keep me accountable for sending students and new members welcome videos, greeting them with digital hugs and with an enthusiasm that will only die down once my belly is rubbed.

They also provide ambient background sounds in both my podcast and videos. If you ever hear snoring, dreaming sounds or the occasionally dog fart…I promise…it was them…

Josh Hall

Head honcho of and Web Designer Pro™

The team above support me in producing and distributing content along with keeping this complex (but organized) engine running. Most of my work nowadays is dedicated to recording podcast episodes, producing YouTube videos, writing my Newsletter, coaching members of Pro, community building and going live for trainings, summits, Q&As, etc.

It’s a lot…but it’s awesome and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I’ve tried to become the mentor I needed when I was building my web design business…so to be on the other side and see so many of my students succeed is the coolest dang thing ever.

The road to this point has been awesome, fun but also filled with incredible highs and lows. As is true with every entrepneur or business owner.

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