Top 10 Best Divi Plugins

Sep 18, 2018 | Josh's Blog | 19 comments

In this post we’re going to go over my Top 10 Divi plugins. I did a video recently over viewing my Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins and someone asked if I would do a similar video geared towards Divi specific plugins, so thats what this post is all about.

I wanted to preface this – I really want to be intentional about how I went about this video because I have a lot of friends and colleagues in the Divi community, and I didn’t want it to seem like I am playing favorites here – you’re going to notice that a lot of these plugins are with the same companies and same authors, but these are just the plugins that I use most in my business for the majority for my divi website design. They are plugins which I trust and that I would highly recommend to you.

Having said that, I know that there are tons of plugins out there, there’s a lot of great Divi Plugins that I’m sure I don’t use or that I am not aware of at this point, so this post is just overviewing the ones that I know and trust and that I would recommend to you for your business, so just keep that in mind and that I’m not playing favorites here; these are plugins that I know and trust and recommend.

Last thing I want to say real quick before we dive into it, a lot of these are affiliate links, so if you’re interested in using one of these plugins, be sure to use my affiliate link if you end up purchasing it, I’ll get a kickback that helps my family and I out, and also helps to allow me to have more time to put more free content out there for you. With all that said, let’s dive right into my 10 favorite recommended Divi plugins.

1) Divi Overlays – 1:21

Create overlay pop ups on any Divi element.

The first plugin I am going to highlight is Divi Overlays. If you’ve been in the divi community for some time, you’ve probably heard of this or you may even have it; this is the best way to create any sort of pop-up on your divi website. If you wanted to have a button or any element click and then pop-ups – it could be a contact form or a video – Divi overlays is the way to go. This is brought to you by Tim Strifler and Divi Life, and it’s a plugin that I’ve used for several years now and it’s just awesome. Here’s an example on a site where I have used it. With this request inspection button, I didn’t want it to just go to the contact page, I wanted it to bring up a contact form so that people could quickly fill out the request inspection forms. So you can notice, all you have to do is click the button and the form comes up and they can request an inspection. I’ll let you check out the demo page for this, but its awesome. Any element that you want to pop up you can. What’s great about Divi Overlays is that it uses the Divi builder, so you can create a layout or page, and make that an overlay. You can pop up contact forms, videos, maps, anything that you would want to popup on your divi site. I highly recommend Divi Overlays, it’s really affordable. One thing that I’ll say about Tim and Divi Life’s products, they are all very light weight and easy to use, and they play nicely with all the other tools that I have in my divi toolbox. Divi Overlays is definitely one I recommend checking out.

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2) Divi Bars – 2:49

Create custom promo bars on your site.

The next plugin I am going to recommend is Divi Bars and is also by Divi Life. This is a newer one and it’s awesome! It’s one of my favorite Divi plugins. It’s a way to create a Bar on the top of your website that can link to anything. You can put a promotion up there, a featured product, a countdown… Anything that you want to put as a bar on top of your website that people can exit out, this is the way to go. You’ll see this on Elegant Themes where they have the bar on top and you can Learn More. I have it on my website here that talks about my new course, that way people can click this. The reason why I love Divi bars as well is that I don’t like pop-ups at all, so I avoid putting them on any one of my sites. For example with my site, I wanted people to know about my course but I didn’t want to hit them over the head with it. This way they can see it, they can learn more or they can just exit it. There’s a lot of features that this comes with. I’ll let you check out the demo page and product page for more information. Tim and Divi Life give you a lot of examples that you can use, and it also comes with a bunch of premade layouts. You can just use one, adjust the colors, etc. You can put anything in there that you want. It’s all created with the Divi builder. It’s one of the main plugins on most of my sites. I’ll say this about Divi bars too, my clients love it! They love seeing a little bar on top with their featured products or service. I would highly recommend Divi bars for your Divi toolbox moving forward.

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3) Image Intense – 4:14

Create slick image hover over effects.

The third Divi plugin I recommend is Image Intense. This is an incredible solution for you if you have an image that you want to make more engaging, and that you want to make into a Call to Action. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I absolutely love it; I use it across most of my site. Let me show you a few examples. With this site here, we have a section where they have a “1, 2, 3” description of how this product works. What I wanted to do, instead of using a plain image, I wanted to give it a bit more information and a bit more engaging, so with Image Intense you can use the module here, add titles for more information, and you’ll notice when you hover over it, it has a nice hover effect over it. Image Intense is great and works with the Visual Builder. The most recent version, I think they are into the 3rd version, they have a bunch of Call to Action settings. Here’s another example to where we have the services here, we just wanted to make this a bit more engaging, so you’ll notice that when we hover over these, they are going to turn into color and have a sweet little Call to Action button. Image Intense is the way to go about this, it’s awesome and super affordable and works with the visual builder. I’ve used this for a long time and I – and my clients – love it. It’s definitely going to be a handy tool for your divi toolbox moving forward.

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4) Divi Icon Party – 5:30

Add more social media icons to Divi header, footer, etc.

Number four is Divi Icon Party by Divi Space. One of the biggest questions I see all around the divi Facebook groups and the divi community, is how to add more icons to divi. By default it only comes with Facebook, twitter and a few others, but more often than not you are going to want to add Instagram, Pinterest and other icons. There’s a few ways of doing it manually but with Divi Icon Party it’s all set-up for you. Check out the demo page if you want to see more information, but I’ll give you an overview of what it entails because you can add more icons to your header, footer and all different areas of your divi site. It includes LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, skype, all these different icons that are going to be set in your Divi builder. So you can go into your divi theme options and you can check these on or off. Divi Icon Party is also a very affordable plugin for a single site, or I would recommend going lifetime so you can have it on all your site. This is a great plugin to add social media icons to your divi site.

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5) Divi Icons Pro – 6:38

Add tons of custom icons to blurbs and other Divi modules.

Number five, since we’re in this theme of icons, is Divi Icon Pro. This is a brand new plugin that is really awesome, I’m glad I discovered this now. We are using it on a few sites and its incredible. Divi out of the box has quite a few icons, this is basically an extension that comes with a TON of new icons for your site. This is brought to you by Divi Lover and B3 Multimedia, and these guys are great! I love this plugin because its super compatible, it works with the visual builder, and as you see in the details here you have literally 24 000 options for icons, and its all filterable. If you check out the demo page, you can see that it’s really easy to filter out. A lot of times when you have a ton of icons it can be really overwhelming. This way you can have which icons you want you can pick and choose. Let me show you how it’s going to look like when you check this out. By default you’re going to have all these outlined and really cool vector looking icons that you’ll be able to sift through for any project that you can imagine. Its very light weight and is fully compatible with the visual builder. I recommend using this if you’re looking to have more icons on your divi site. Typically I would have to create these types of icons with Photoshop or Illustrator and style the color and everything, with this you’re going to have endless options to be able to make these color. With all these sets of icons I don’t foresee having to do custom vector graphics anymore because Divi Icons pro comes with so many options. I definitely recommend Divi Icons Pro if you’re looking for more icons.

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6) Divi Dashboard Welcome – 8:25

Create custom dashboard for WordPress site with the Divi builder.

Number Six, we head back to Divi life and it’s one of my absolute favorite Divi WordPress plugins: Divi Dashboard Welcome. This allows you to create a custom dashboard with the divi builder for either you or your clients. I love this because a lot of my clients update their websites and this has saved me so much time, because I can create a custom dashboard that they see when they login and you can put anything you want in there: you can put videos, tutorials, a link to a contact form for support, you can have links to other resources; it’s really great, lightweight and affordable. Here’s an example of how I’ve used this for a client that has a very robust site and they doing events and all kinds of stuff. You’ll see here in their dashboard that we put a walk through video along with an outline, and we also have additional videos that we created as well, so we added additional functionality to their website. You’re going to see those videos here, because they have multiple people running their site, they can just login and all the videos are here, there’s links and resources at the bottom and this little section in the dashboard is created with the Divi Builder. So I love this plugin. I did a featured article on the Elegant Themes blog last year and I linked to a free plugin but I didn’t realize that this one was out here, and I found out about this plugin shortly after because this plugin has saved me so much time and its just awesome. If you’re looking for a custom dashboard for your Divi WordPress website, Divi dashboard is absolutely the way to go.

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7) Divi Logo Swap – 9:58

Swap logo on scroll with Divi.

One last time Divi Life plugin – I think Tim is going to love me after this post – I use this plugin all the time, and it’s called Divi Logos Swap. It’s a sweet little plugin that allows you to make a logo swap when you scroll down. On this site in example, Magnfi, this logo has a nice little icon here, so when scrolling down I wanted to have the logo disappear and only have the icon remain, so with Divi Logos Swap, you can easily do this. It is a very expensive plugin, no I’m just kidding, it’s only $5. You might as well just pick this up, it’s awesome. You might need to customize it depending on the size of your logo but its really easy to set up. Its a great way to separate Divi websites from others. A lot of my clients love this as well! So for $5 you have a nice tool for your toolbox.

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8) Content Intense – 11:16

Update 3/18/19 – plugin is discontinued.

Unfortunately this plugin was recently discontinued as it didn’t get popular enough to be supported. There is however a new plugin that allows you to customize the Divi blog module and many other areas in Divi with zero code and that is Divi Lover’s Divi Toolbox. Highly recommend checking that out as an alternative to this plugin. RIP Content Intense.

Checkout Divi Toolbox

9) Divi Extras – 12:46

Customize and expand Divi blog and post layout styling.

For number 9 we are going to bounce back to Divi Space and I’m going to show you a very handy plugin that is kind of similar to content intense and its called Divi Extras. The Extra theme from Elegant Themes had a lot of post styling that people really liked. There were different ways to put all of your posts into a masonry layout, blog feeds that look different then the average blog, tab posts, post carousel. So this plugin brings all the functionality of the Extra theme to the Divi builder for any site. I have this and I love it. If you look at the demo page, you can see all the options, and as you can see, they are different modules inside the Divi builder. Its a great way to set your site apart from others. This plugin is really affordable as well. Its a great addition if you want to make your blog posts different.

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10) Divi Sticky Video – 14:05

Video sticks to screen when scrolling down.

Number 10, the final Divi plugin I’m going to highlight, is a brand new plugin called Divi Sticky Video. This is a super sweet little plugin and what it does is allows a video on your page to stick to the screen while you scroll down. You’ll see this functionality a lot on sites, like CNN and other news site, to where someone starts watching a video they probably start scrolling down and start reading and this video will follow them (similar to the Facebook feed as well). I use this on a few pages on my site. Right now I’m using it on my maintenance page plan, on my SEO page, where most people would start playing the video and begin to scroll down, and with this plugin it follows them as they scroll, so they can go through all the sections of the page and still see and hear the video playing. It’s a great functionality and is very cheap for what it offers. Its very fast , works with the visual builder and is very easy to set up. So if you have videos on your site and want to make them sticky as they scroll down, I highly recommend this plugin.

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So there you have it, my top 10 most used and recommended Divi plugins to this point. I want to highlight a few others as well that I couldn’t fit into the top 10 that I trust and recommend to you.

Additional plugins I highly recommend:

11) Divi Page Builder Everywhere – 15:57

Add Divi layouts and design in any section on WordPress site.

One is the page builder everywhere by Divi Space, this does exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to put a divi layout anywhere, in any widget sections or any sections of your WordPress website. This is a very popular plugin. So you can create a layout with the divi builder and inject it anywhere on your Divi site.

Purchase Divi Page Builder Everywhere

12) mhmm Mighty Header & Menu Maker – 16:19

Customize the Divi header and menu with zero coding.

Another great plugin is called MHMMM (Mighty Header Menu Maker) which allows you to create custom headers and menus with the Divi builder. As we know, Divi is very limited in this area for now, so this plugin allows you to create your own headers and plugins by avoiding a lot of custom code and css. If you’re looking to make your menus and headers stand out, this plugin is definitely the way to go.

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13) J.E.D.I. Jerry’s Easy Demo Import – 16:56

Import and export entire Divi site, settings, content, etc.

The last one I want to recommend, for those of you who have sites that you want to import and export – particularly those who are child theme makers – is the J.E.D.I plugin; Jerry’s Easy Demo Import, by Monterey Premier. This is a super handy plugin and highly rated by folks in the divi community who want to be able to export their sites and easily import it to another one. So either for your child themes, or for your clients and other people, this is a really great plugin and easy way to go.

Purchase J.E.D.I.

There you have it, my top recommended and best plugins that I use at this point. There are many out there, so if you have any that you recommend, feel free to drop them off in the comments.

Again, I am not trying to play favorites, these are all my personal choices that are from great authors.

If you’re looking for the best places for plugins, I would recommend checking out Monterey Premier – they have a lot of great plugins and child themes, you can check out Divi Cake, they have a great growing selection of plugins and child themes, and you can also check out Elegant Marketplace which is the original hub for all child themes , plugins and other Divi related products.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you are interested in using any of these plugins, please use my affiliate links so I can keep on doing these posts and videos.

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