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Here’s just a handful of testimonials and review snippets from real students who have been through my courses. More official student reviews and video testimonials can be found on each course page as well 🙂

“The best thing about Josh’s courses is that he’s offering lessons learned the hard way from his own experience. This isn’t like reading a textbook or watching YouTube tutorials, this is the hard truth about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a successful web design business. And being a freelancer, I love that his Business Course is just as applicable to my business as it would be to someone managing a team or building an agency. It’s a game-changer, to say the least. Thanks so much Josh!”

Sandy B.

“I joined Josh’s WooCommerce Course to learn as much as I could about WooCommerce in the minimum amount of time, learning from Josh’s mistakes as well as his triumphs. This course is just right. It gives you the MAXIMUM amount of information in the MINIMUM amount of time and is UNMISSABLE if you wish to learn everything you need to know to create a good-looking and well-designed shop.

I’ve checked out most of the other tutors in the DIVI world and, for me, Josh is the most informative and thorough plus his positive, bouncy and charming style really helps. Highly recommended!”

James F.

“I began Josh’s CSS Course with just enough CSS knowledge to mess a site up. I would find myself posting question after question in facebook groups or simply googling and then copying and pasting code that looked like it was a whole different language (pun intended).

This course taught me CSS in a way that was perfect for me, as it was classroom, followed by practical exercises. Now i have confidence in designing sites outside of the proverbial DIVI box.”

Clint S.

“I have slowly been moving through Josh’s courses. I was hitting some snags in my web development because I was confused by cPanel. cPanel was intimidating so my thought process was just to stay away from it as much as possible and only change what is necessary. After taking his cPanel Course I feel much more confident in moving around cPanel. I have only been working on my own site but the more I learn from Josh the more confident I feel in doing paid work for others.”

Derrick S.

“I took Josh’s SEO Course so I could find out what I knew and what I didn’t about SEO. Turns out I was missing a lot of info. This class isn’t just for beginners, either. I’m a solo-preneur, even if I don’t actually begin to offer SEO, I’m learning how to discuss optimization. This course is teaching me the SEO vocabulary I can definitely use to help my clients. Thanks, Josh.”

Karen M.

“As a new web designer, I understood the power of recurring income and knew I needed to be able to offer a maintenance plan. Even with all the research I’d done on my own, I was struggling to put all the pieces together.

Josh laid it all out beautifully in a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow and implement with his Maintenance Plan Course.

Now my maintenance plan is right on target. Not only has it paid for itself but it pays for itself each and every month. It was the perfect investment for my business.

Thank you Josh for putting this together and teaching it in a way that anyone could follow!!!!”

Tami K.

“I feel so lucky to have found Josh’s Courses at a time when I needed them most. I have no doubt that I will be able to offer incredible design that will not only wow my clients, but bring them even more and better business in the future due to these newfound skills I’ve just learned. Excellent, excellent courses. I definitely highly recommend them!”

Alexis M.

“As someone who has a lot of experience with graphic design who is really just beginning to apply it to WordPress site design through Divi, I really benefited from Josh’s Web Design Process Course. It was exactly what I was missing—a step-by-step guide to the process of creating a website for clients. I am hoping to add web design to my freelance services, and I really feel empowered to begin with the lessons I learned in this course. Josh explains things in a way that novice like me feel encouraged.”

Lori B.

“I’ve been messing with Divi for a while but it was always guess work and often wrong. Josh’s Divi Beginners Course is absolutely superb and has 100% changed the way that I would approach designing sites with Divi going forward.

I was working on my employer’s site (revamp) while going through the course and I am very happy with how it is already looking. It isn’t finished but I know it will look fantastic when completed. The resources list is something I will keep going back to. Pure gold in there.

I have now purchased your Divi/CSS course which I am going to dive into as soon as I’ve pressed the submit button for this review.

Thank you!”

Malcom D.

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