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Every Josh Hall Web Design Course

You get full access to the entire suite of Josh’s on-demand web design courses.

Instant Referral Network

You’re automatically in with an amazing network of professionals to hire and even get referrals from.

Supportive Community

This is your safe space to ask ANY questions as there are no toxic “experts” here.

Live Q&A's with Josh

Weekly live calls including ask me anything sessions, website reviews and member hot seats.

Guided Pathways

Maps to help you decide what courses, trainings and spaces to go through to get the quickest ROI.

Help and Support

Dedicated help and support forums ranging from technical help, builder-specific questions and more.

Industry Expert Trainings

Monthly live trainings and access to the ever-growing library of expert industry leader workshops.

Pro Member Calls

Join in with other members to talk shop, get support and connection, share tips, tricks, etc.

Goals & Challenges

Accountability and quick win sprints to help you set and reach goals in your business.

Here’s a quick tour 👇

“I’ve been in Web Designer Pro for over a year and I can honestly say it’s been an awesome experience.”

Jime | JSwebstudios.com

“I’ve developed more confidence, skills and had my highest earning year in my business in 2022 📈”

I spent years trying to build a web design business in the 2010s without the right guidance and failed miserably.

After finding Josh’s web design courses and community in 2020, I’ve developed more confidence and skills and I had my highest earning year in my business in 2022!

Alexis | AlexisTMyers.com

“I’m able to work from Czechia and live the American Dream having never stepped foot in America 🇨🇿”

It’s honestly emotional for me to think about because thanks to your courses and community with Web Designer Pro, I’ve built my freelance web design business remotely and I’m able to live the American Dream having never stepped foot in America!

Richard | RichardPruzek.com

“Being part of the Web Design Pro community is like adding rocket fuel to my business 🚀”

In my experience, having courses to learn what I need to do to go from freelancer to business owner is one thing, but being part of the Web Design Pro community is like adding rocket fuel!

It brings everything together. For me, joining has turned doubts & indecision into excitement & action!

Susan | CuriousLilyDesign.com

Access all my Web Design Courses

You get full access to the entire current suite of Josh’s web design courses

Courses included:

These courses currently add up to a $2,761.00 total value, all included in your Pro membership!

Monthly Live Industry Expert Trainings

Every month I bring in industry leaders to present a live training or workshop on a hot topic in web design.

Here’s what’s already waiting for you:

When you join Pro, you get instant access to the full library of trainings (26 and counting) along with access to all upcoming live monthly trainings!

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Josh

I go live every week for Pro members to answer any questions you have about your web design business, challenges and struggles you may be facing, etc.

These weekly live sessions typically consist of:

  • Live AMA’s (ask me anything sessions)
  • Website reviews (yours or client projects)
  • Member hot seats (10 minute coaching sessions)
  • Hot trends and topics explored

But why explain when you can check it out! Grab a ☕️ and enjoy a recent live coaching hot seat and website review below.

🔥 Hot Seat Coaching Session on “website audits” (11:58)

🔎 Website Review for a new web designer site (12:39)


Only join if you want to go up to the next tax bracket 😉

I’ve been a member of Web Designer Pro since April 22 and since that time, here is what I have learned:

  • The amount of resources available in the training library as well as other members is worth the membership fee alone.
  • Every member in Pro has such positive energy and want to see each other win.  We have a great healthy village, we talk shop and check in. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Honestly, I am so excited about my business. Josh has helped me defeat my imposter syndrome monster and now I am ready to expand my solopreneur business to a full agency. 10 stars!!!

Maggie Phiri

👇 Web Designer Pro™ is a great fit for 👇

Web Freelancers

White-labelers and web design freelancers looking to expand your network and build your business

Web Solopreneurs

Web designers who are serious about working ON their business to prepare to scale

Web Business Owners

Web design small team and agency owners looking to grow, scale, hire and go past the 6-figure range

We’re platform-agnostic.

I recommend WordPress and the Divi Theme but we have members all across the spectrum from Squarespace, Webflow, Showit, Hand Coders and more

“Investing in Pro has been the best business decision I’ve made to this point.”

Terry | PixelDripStudio.com

Built for community, so you don’t go it alone

Web Designer Pro™ is built so that you have a helpful, supportive and engaged group of web designers along side you.

Community features include:

  • Categorized forums for organized discussions.
  • Instant referral network.
  • Support and help based off of the tools you use from technical questions, platform, builders, themes, etc.
  • Opportunity to hire qualified designers and developers.
  • Partner with other Pros who could use your skills.
  • Connection with like-minded web designers from all over the world.

“Friendliest, most productive corner of the internet for web designers!”

I can trace the pivot points in my business—the times I really leveled up—to Josh’s clearheaded, spot-on advice or to connections I’ve made in his online community.

It’s like social media, but without the rabbit hole. Web Designer Pro is the friendliest, most productive corner of the internet for web designers!

Michelle B. | EditedbyMichelle.com

“Web Designer Pro has propelled me to earn while I learn!”

Web Designer Pro is amazing. I have been able to get opportunities and work with some amazing people and it alone has propelled me to earn while I learn.

The included courses are worth the price alone and are just the answers I needed after a year of sifting through endless youtube videos with no direction. Josh’s courses, forums, and other members are what I truly look for in a “Web Design” group!

Eddie Q. | QuirkWebsites.com

“For the sake of my business, I wish I would have joined sooner!”

After joining a month ago, I can tell you the value is here! Josh has created an amazing space for web designers of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

The community he has built is a great place to get questions answered (from technical, process, business and more). For the sake of my business, I wish I would have joined sooner!

Erin S. | HemlockStrategy.com

Find trusted Pros to partner up with to make you and your business 10X more powerful

Here’s a clip of a recent Q&A session with one of our members sharing his experience on hiring inside of Pro

More praise from active members

“The Web Designer Pro group has really pushed my creative business knowledge to the next level 💪”

Josh’s resources have been a pillar of growing my web design business. From his podcasts, to his courses, and now his Web Designer Pro coaching community – he has a true passion for sharing his expertise.

The Web Designer Pro group has really pushed my creative business knowledge to the next level with the direct access to ask Josh questions, the community built with the other members, and the professional workshops he hosts. I can’t recommend it enough!

Lauren H. | OrangeMossCreative.com

“A genuine approach to coaching & teaching web design agencies. And the community is a great reflection of this!”

I had been following Josh’s content for years and decided to join the Web Designer Pro community and have not regretted it. Compared to other coaching alternatives, Josh provides a genuine approach to coaching and teaching web design agencies.

The community is a great reflection of this and we have gotten great value out of the regular Q/A calls, the monthly trainings and advice from other members.

Danny C. | EnlightWorks.com

“My only regret is that I did not join sooner. Sitting on the fence was giving me a rash!”

The Member Hangout Calls are a blast! I listen more than speak and hang on every word that Christian speaks. 😊 These calls are one of many avenues to learn and grow with our Pro membership. Josh has put together an awesome set of resources. My only regret is that I did not join sooner. Sitting on the fence was giving me a rash! LOL

Ed G. | 2nd Career Web Designer

“This community gives me more confidence that I will be able to do projects as a solo-start-up-preneur!”

“Seeing how responsive Josh is and the overall vibe here in this community gives me more confidence that I will be able to do projects as a solo-start-up-preneur. Knowing that there are people who could help makes such a big difference. Thank you for creating this community!”

Susanne B. | IslandInspirations.com.au

“Pro is truly a wonderful community of honest, helpful, and inspiring individuals!”

Josh’s Web Designer Pro is such a crucial part of my business now. Not only are Josh and the members a wonderful sounding board and resource hub for me, but they are also my friends.

This is truly a wonderful community of honest, helpful, and inspiring individuals.

April R. | AprilRayCreative.com

“I’ve been through a lot of courses over the last few years and yours are probably the BEST I’ve been in!”

Josh, thank you for having the BEST courses (just finished up the Divi/Wordpress and working on finishing up the Biz one- uh-mazing by the way) and program. I’ve been through a lot of courses over the last few years and yours are probably the BEST I’ve been in. So much value here with courses and community! And to think I almost didn’t join because I literally had just joined 2 other programs and was like….I just can’t do it. What I would have missed out on! So thankful today!

Jennifer A. | JennyLaineDesigns.com

“We’ve found competent help to assist with projects, and we’re able to help foster and mentor other people.”

As any professional knows, ongoing training and networking are essential to staying at the top of your game.

With Josh Hall’s Web Designer Pro community, we get that training, as well as networking with other like-minded people.

We get answers or solutions to projects and issues, find competent help to assist with projects, and we’re able to help foster and mentor other people as they learn the skills necessary to be highly successful.

Mike B.

Online community takes you further, faster.


But don’t take my word for it, hear it from Mr. Beast ( the largest YouTuber in the world)

At the end of the day, it’s all about YOUR RESULTS 💰

Here are recent results from active Pro members

“This community helped me surpass my annual revenue goal hitting $235K!”

Since joining when it started in 2020, the community and coaching have empowered me to leave my day job, consistently grow revenue month over month, and year over year, and THRIVE each day doing what I love. This year I surpassed annual revenue goal hitting $235K! This is the most positive corner of the Internet; Josh and the members take a genuine interest in helping you achieve your dreams, financially and in freedom of time!”🙂

Sandra R. | SarisDebDesign.com

“I can finally say “Go ahead, fix all that’s wrong with my car!””

Thanks to Josh for his training and encouragement inside Pro with building my business, I’ve started the year with a hefty (for me) balance in my business account and for the first time in my adult life I was able to tell the mechanic, “Go ahead, fix all that’s wrong with my car!”

Kate M. | KateMegill.com

“I never would’ve had the confidence to quote 3K without the support of Web Designer Pro”

I took the plunge at the start of last month to go for Pro. It has been SOOOOO helpful. I literally submitted a $3,000 quote last night and – AS FREAKING NERVE WRACKING AS THAT WAS, I never would’ve had the confidence to quote 3K without the support of Web Designer Pro!

Sam S. | thencandesigns.com

“In 2022 I was finally booked out for 3 months consistently!”

Success for me in 2022 came in the form of improved processes, working less and being booked out for 3 months consistently. My only regret is not taking these courses sooner!

Lisa B. | LiveCreative.co.za

“I’m had my biggest month to date at $18K!!!”

Remember how I said my year started off slow? Well now I’m having my biggest month to date at $18K!

April R. | AprilRayCreative.com

“I’m now on the path to consistently getting 10k+ contracts!”

I am super grateful to be part of Josh’s courses and community and all that I have learned from him. It gave me the BEST foundation to start and scale my business and now I’m consistently landing 10k contracts!

Mariela C. | SoulBusinessDesign.com

“We doubled our income from $38,000 in 2021 to $78,000 in 2022 🎉”

We doubled our income from $38,000 in 2021 to $78,000 in 2022! Now we have our sights set on 100k and we have this community to thank!

Lisa W. | JoLiDesignSolutions.com

“Web Designer Pro courses, resources and community helped us hit $267,135.30 in 2022!!”

I had some experience in SEO and agency work but your courses, resources and community helped us hit $267,135.30 in 2022!!

Christopher D. | ukiiki.com

“In 2020 my income was $2,500. Two years later, I made nearly $30K USD!!”

My first official year of freelance was 2020 and my income was a lofty $2,500 for the year. In 2022 made nearly $30,000 which is a lot in Mexico. For perspective, full time employee’s in Mexico with a University degree earn $4,800 on average.

Jime S. | JSwebstudios.com

“Just closed my largest project to date since joining Pro at $3,232.00!!”

And to think I used to only charge $800 for this type of project?!?

Maggie P. | MPrintCreations.com

Confidently Raise Your Rates and Become a Web Designer Pro

Pick the right plan for you 👇

A personal note from Josh

My personal commitment is to help empower you to build or level up your web design business so that you have the freedom and lifestyle you dream of, with web design as the tool to help you get there.

This industry is not easy, in fact, it can be hard. That’s why you need a mentor, you need proven processes and more than anything, you need support and a community behind you.

That’s exactly why Web Designer Pro exists. I sincerely want to help you build your dream 6-figure web design business as quickly as possible and I’ve made sure we’re going to have some fun while doing it!

Questions Asked Frequently

What’s PRO like?

What platform is pro built on?
I’m using a new platform called Circle.so. How do I put it in professional terms…it’s freaking awesome. It’s like a mix between Facebook (without the distractions and polarization), Slack and LinkedIn.

The UX (user experience) is beautiful. It’s easy to navigate and get used to, you can customize your notifications with ease, it lends itself to distraction-free conversations, and it’s quick and snappy. Circle continues to release new features and upgrades constantly. They’re on the cutting edge with building forum-based and membership sites so I’m personally very happy to have chosen Circle to be the foundation of our community.

Is there an app version?
Yes. Circle has a mobile app for both Apple and Android so you can access Pro on the go!
Do I get direct coaching with Josh?
You will have direct private message access to me to ask questions. I do my best to give as much insight and provide you resources to help you grow your business but Pro not a one-on-one coaching program. For 1 to 1, more intensive business coaching with me, stay tuned for my upcoming program, Mastery.

Current Students

What about the current course(s) I'm enrolled in?

You will still have lifetime access to the course(s) you purchase one-off at joshhall.co and receive all the support benefits associated with my standalone courses, including the student center and monthly Q&A’s.

Do I get a discount if I’m a current student?

A one time discount is available for all students who have purchased the Web Design Course Bundle. Simply contact us to receive your credit which can be applied at checkout!

If you’ve purchased one or more standalone courses at joshhall.co, you still have lifetime access to those courses.

General Questions

What if I need to cancel my membership?
No problemo. You’ll be able to easily cancel your membership at any time. You’ll have full access to Pro through the rest of your paid billing cycle.
Can I switch between quarterly and annual?
Yes you can switch between billing options from quarterly to annual or annual to quarterly at the renewal period.
What if I need to take a break?
I know there’s a right time and a place for online community and recurring memberships. You can cancel your membership and rejoin the community in the future when the time is right.
Is there a monthly option?
I don’t have a monthly option because with Pro it’s all about getting you results. 30 days isn’t enough. You need at least 3 months to follow your guided pathway and get the community support you need to get to start earning, on average, 5K per site.

Refunds & Guarantee

Is there a refund or money-back guarantee?
No – since the courses, training and resources inside of Pro are vast, and value-packed. Because you get thousands of dollars worth of value as soon as you sign in, we cannot offer refunds. We ask that you be sure you’re committed and that it’s not a financial burden before you join.

Feel free to ask any questions before you join at joshhall.co/contact

Is there a guaranteed result?
No, we can not guarantee your results. However, my personal guarantee is that IF you go through the courses, follow the right pathways for you, and engage with the Web Designer Pro community, you will be able set your prices starting at $2,500 per website with an average price point of $5,000 USD for your builds as you offer larger packages. But it is up to you to learn and apply.

Welp, what else can we say 🤷‍♂️

If you’re not sure Web Designer Pro is a great fit, come back when you’re ready to charge at least 5k+ for sites! 

If you have a question not covered in the FAQ’s contact us and Josh or the team will get back with you stat!