You Save 25%, I’ll Give 25%

by | Mar 18, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Save 25% when you purchase a course(s) right now and I’ll donate an additional 25% of every purchase to (Stowe Mission) a local non-profit here in Columbus, Ohio who are helping many families in need during this coronavirus crisis.

I’ve been asked by many people recently about joining my courses during this time of coronavirus crisis because so many are now working from home and there’s not better time to be proactive and invest in online learning. I also know these are uncertain times and that every dollar you spend should be a worthy and smart investment.

So, to help all of you who’d like to enroll in one or more of my courses now, I’m running sale for 25% OFF courses! This includes all available courses and I just made available the “pre” pre-order of my new SEO Course which will come out this Spring.

All my web design courses are now 25% OFF thru the end of March 2020!

You can also get access to all my courses with my new Web Design Course Bundle which is also currently 25% off!

Also, as I mentioned in a recent post on 5 Things You as Web Designers Can Do During the Coronavirus Crisis, I’m very passionate about helping families in need as many are out of work. I will be donating 25% of the proceeds of every course sold during March to Stowe Mission, a local organization here in Columbus Ohio that is helping families in need during this very uncertain and tough time for many.

They help families in need from providing meals, to supplies, to support for child care and more. And I personally know one of the founders so I know they’re good stewards of all the donated money. Even if you’re not enrolling in one of my courses during this period, if you feel led to donate to their cause, here’s the link:

You might even consider creating a pledge of your own with your clients if there is an organization you’re passionate about helping out. This is called my “Save 25% / Give 25%” pledge which I’ll be promoting thru March 2020.

So act now and again, remember that every portion of a sale that comes through for my courses is going to help families in need, so if you’ve been thinking about enrolling in a course, now is the time!

Stay strong friends and remember, during these times of uncertainty, be proactive vs reactive and be connected but not consumed!

 – Josh